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(And only fit groups survive).

Human nature is group oriented. Generally speaking, we like to harmonise with the people around us. Groupishness, to a large degree, is the natural state of humans.

Individuality is also an important part of being human, so long as it doesn't threaten group cohesion.

This is the natural balanced state of typical human organisation: mostly groupish, and somewhat individualistic within the confines of the group.

Subsequently, human history is a story of groups. Groups rising and falling, competing or cooperating, evolving and morphing, etc.

This website is about the characteristics that make a group thrive or fail. It's about the ingredients of group fitness.

But why should we care about group fitness?

The Western world is in the process of radical transformation, in terms of its group structure. It is undergoing massive changes in demography, culture, economics, politics, and so on.

The most radical of these changes is the demographic change from mass immigration. We are told that we should cast aside our group identity, embrace incoming people from all corners of the globe, and that this transformation is "good for us". It's a strength, so we're told. That's the optimistic narrative.

The pessimistic narrative, however, sees the changes not as a deliberate or intentional move on the part of a healthy Western world, but as caused by opportunistic forces increasingly asserting their control over a Western world that has collectively lost its mind, body and spirit. No sane group would invite such disparate forces into it and expect to survive. That is the pessimistic narrative.

This website is firmly in the pessimistic camp, not just about demography, but about the many other mindless ideologies, policies, incompetence, and corruption of our time, that are all signs of a Western world that is no longer functioning as a sane and healthy group. This website's aim is to help people who identify as Western, to recover their group fitness, in order to have some hope of surviving these radical changes, or even collapse of the Western world.


The purpose of the website is to address the lack of constructive and unifying narrative in the Western world, which is a one reason why we're slow to mount much resistance to our decline.

The website is not a detailed prescription for the West. Rather, it's a broad unifying structure and foundation. In technical terms it's a structural, meta-ethical and relational narrative.

That said, it's not a highbrow or intellectual narrative at all. It's actually just common sense.

It's about setting some common goals, outlining a structure within which to pursue those goals, and facilitating smooth relations between the various subgroups of the West.

In terms of goals, the website focuses on the human dimension to life i.e. the pursuit of happiness. That said, it's not anti-religion, or anti-tradition. It's not prescriptive down to that level.

The structure is where group fitness comes in. The key concept is that "groups survive, individualism dies" and so our happiness depends on us falling into line with some group structure, and putting our talents to work in the interests of our group's survival.

The relational aspect is just some ideas for facilitating smooth relations between the subgroups of the West. The purpose being to keep the West as big and united as possible, because we're going to need every friend and ally we can make, going forward in a hostile world.

("United" does not mean forced coexistence or forced mixing, it just means goodwill and cooperation against common threats).

For veterans of the alt-right/conservative scene, there's not a whole lot new here. It's just re-packaging some common sense basics. But even these basics are still muddled too often, meaning that we're spinning our wheels instead of going forward with a unifying narrative. We need to put these basics behind us, and get on with confronting the serious threats in front of us.

Note that, although this website encourages the recovery of group identity, it does not advocate violence or hatred towards other groups. It's about encouraging respectful and civil debate, and working towards peaceful and cooperative solutions. For fostering civil debate about difficult issues, see The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt.

The contents of this website are provided free of any copyright restriction, and may be copied, reproduced, mirrored, and modified without restriction.

If you find the optics of this website are not clear (fonts, colours, etc), then go to and copy/paste in the web page address, and that should generate a clean page to read.


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